Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Amateur 4-Koma-Manga

konnichiwa sekai!! long time I'm not journaling :D
well, as I wrote on my 'about me' that I will be a PROFESSIONAL MANGAKA in the future *AMEEEEEN!!!!* so I started to make some amateur manga..
and a few weeks ago I just make a 4-Koma-Manga (4 Panel Manga) named "Annoying"
here's the picture, oh yes, because I'm Indonesian so it's written in Indonesian Language too..

here's the translation (from up to down):
PANEL 1: >> KYAA FUGU-kun!! (FUGU is a boy name)
PANEL 2: >> AH! that's FUGU outside!!
                  >> AAA~ I'm shamed!!!
PANEL 3: >> Dude, I'm going first, bye!
                  >> Okay, bye!
PANEL 4: >> Huwee... Why I was hiding...
                  >> **You did it everyday sweetie.... -__-**
FIN!!!!!!!!!!! :D
what do you think!!!???? :D