Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DialPath Technology

Changing Everything You Know
About Liquids Analysis By FTIR

Advantages of ML Analyzer with DialPath Technology:
The ML Analyzer with DialPathTM Technology offers a completely new
approach to transmission FTIR spectroscopy of liquids. DialPath Technology
makes the analysis of liquid samples as easy and fast as ATR, yet offers
the longer pathlengths that only transmission measurements can provide.
Three selectable pathlengths from 30 -250 microns are always available
and can be switched in seconds - covers pathlengths that ATR cannot
Eliminates traditional liquids cells which are prone to leaking, fringing, and breakage.
Eliminates the problems associated with introducing viscous samples into a
traditional liquid cell and then trying to clean after analysis
Great analytical precision, accuracy and sensitivity
Measure liquid samples so quickly that autosamplers with their associated
expense, cleaning complexity and sample carry-over may be eliminated
The entire system fits on the lab bench in a space no greater than 8 square inches
ML Analyzer is rugged, proven and widely used in the petroleum, energy,
pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries

source: http://www.a2technologies.com/handheld_ml_dialpath.html


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